A Virtually Furnished Dining Room

For real estate, the decent presentation of the property is of key importance — you can’t sell a house using only a text description and a black and white 2D drawing. To create a competitive offer, realtors and real estate marketers need to provide high-quality photos of each room. 

But it’s not a solution when it comes to empty houses – it turns out that the whole real estate listing looks like a bunch of empty white boxes. This way, prospects most probably would just scroll through the listing uninterested, and switch to the more attractive offer from competitors that used physical or virtual furniture arrangement. However, physical staging is a very expensive solution — realtors need to hire a staging agency, pay for the rental for each individual piece of furniture and decor, hire movers with transport, a photographer, etc.

On the other hand, virtual staging is a more convenient and fast option to furnish a house without extra efforts and expenses. The only thing virtual staging studio needs from realtors is HD photos of the estate. 

Puzzled over the ways property can benefit from virtual furniture arrangement? Here’s the list of its 5 key advantages for real estate.

#1.  Virtual Staging Turns Vacant Houses into Cozy Homes

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    Before 111 After

Often, property with great architecture and excellent floor layout stays idle on the market because its empty pictures reduce its attractiveness. In such cases, virtual furniture staging can fill this emotionless space with home comfort and inject more personality to provoke a new wave of interest to real estate. Using virtual staging software, 3D experts can fill dull empty rooms with any furniture and decor so an empty place can easily change into a comfortable habitable house.

#2. Virtual Furniture Arrangement Helps Prospects to Understand Room Parameters

A Virtually Furnished Living Room with a Fireplace

Looking at vacant home photos, buyers can’t imagine its real capacity and proportions because all they can see in the picture are four blank walls. Virtual staging for properties fills the space with objects whose parameters help a person to compare the item’s proportions with the surrounding environment. Only seeing some familiar objects like people or furniture in the room, prospects can understand how big is the premise and how many objects can fit in there.

#3. Using Virtual Staging, Realtors Can Restyle Old Interiors with New Furniture

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    Before 111 After

Using virtual furniture arrangement software, 3D artists can replace old furniture with a new one with no extra cost. This means that realtors don’t need to rent transport and hire movers to clean the interior and go round in a circle after ordering new stuff. 

For virtual restyling, a realtor only has to take high-quality photos of the property as it is, with old furniture arrangement, then send them to the studio with style suggestions. 3D artists, in turn, will remove old furnishing from the image and add new furniture and accessories.

#4. Virtual Furniture Arrangement Allows Choosing Any Furnishings and Decor

A Virtually Furnished Classical Living Room

Traditional staging depends on the furniture catalog and prices for each piece. Ordering or renting objects for actual furniture arrangement, a realtor pays per item so, in the end, furnishing the whole house could cost a fortune.

One of the benefits of digital staging is that, unlike the physical one, it doesn’t require additional expenses and is not limited by a catalog. By choosing virtual furniture arrangement, 3D artists can insert any models from the digital library, including expensive designer pieces and works of art. On top of that, the amount of selected furniture items doesn’t affect the price, realtors pay only per photo. Therefore, 3D stagers can create the most stylish interiors limited only by their imagination increasing the real estate marketer’s budget.

#5. Well-Thought Virtual Staging Helps Attract the Target Audience

A Virtually Furnished Modern Dining Zone

Choosing certain furniture for virtual arrangement allows attracting a particular target audience — either high-end or middle-class customers, families or businessmen, and so on. Surely, their demands depend mostly on a neighborhood area and the cost of the estate. However, furniture arrangement can play a big role in proving that this property can become a perfect home for certain tenants. One must just envision their customers’ lifestyle and tastes to virtually arrange furniture as they would do. 

Using virtual furniture arrangement simplifies realtors’ work, saves their budget and helps real estate look stunning in listings and advertising.

Looking at property photos with the beautiful virtual furniture arranging, prospects can understand the proportions of all premises and get the whole picture on how this house suits their lifestyle. Moreover, it gives future owners guidance on how to style their home after the purchase.

Need convincing virtual furniture arrangement? Try out our digital staging services to get stylish virtual interiors without extra expenses.

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