Before and after virtual staging: ways to use in SMM

Nowadays, many real estate agents are looking to break into social media for their business. They use 3D imagery that shows the selling properties in the best possible ways. One of them is virtual staging before and after. Such an approach is dictated by current trends on social media and throughout the Internet. 

Thus, there’s a tendency for homebuyers to search on social networks for homes that meet their particular preferences. Hashtags help spot all the small niches that they are curious about – for example, #manhattanrealestate, #farmhomes, #kitchenideas, and so on. Since HGTV so effectively made fixer-upper look easy, social media has elaborated on that notion.  

More than any other visual, this kind of CG images literally exposes all the benefits that a home has and separates the agency from the competition. Let’s find out where and how exactly before and after virtually staged images help succeed in SMM marketing. 

#1. Preview Of The Home

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    Before 111 After

At present, millennials constitute 66% of the market for first-time buyers, and 99% of people looking for properties surf the Internet for the research. For realtors, it’s a sort of challenge since their social media listing must be attractive enough to persuade a buyer to purchase a house. In the meantime, potential buyers can’t decide on a purchase, if they can’t envision themselves living in that space. This is where virtual staging before and after comes in.

The thing is it helps show the property’s potential with a presumable design. It’s a preview, a real one, of what might or could be in the living spaces, had it been physically staged. Not only does it give an initial understanding of the home’s possible look, but it even provides an idea of how to stage it in real life. Virtual staging solutions are super helpful when empty houses are on sale. 

#2. Enlightenment On Real Estate And Its Design

Before and after virtual staging services: Educational purpose

Virtual real estate staging might serve an educational purpose on social media. The technology itself means redecorating, designing, landing a look that shows or highlights the property’s hidden but real sides and advantages. Moreover, this is a great way to provide ideas about future possible interior designs in there.

That way, virtual staging before and after images might educate on trends in design, life hacks on upper-fixer, and so on. In other words, it might be multipurpose and aim not just at selling, but educating homebuyers before purchase or even entertaining them. Besides, any marketer knows that social media accounts are not just about advertising, it’s about enlightening on staff and bringing the fun. And business should do all of that to be known amongst people. And this kind of content makes it really better than any other one does.

#3. Outstanding Neighborhood That Attracts

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    Before 111 After

When looking for a home, homebuyers pay attention to what’s around it. It might be a challenge for realtors as well to show great surroundings. This is where virtual staging before and after comes to the rescue. Virtual landscaping services create a possible virtual landscape design for the home to present the complete usability and potential of the area around the house. 

To illustrate, nowadays many realtors use Instagram to sell real estate. it’s not a surprise. But many of them also write about different aspects of the communities around because people simply want to know about their potential neighborhood. And before and after images with landscape design would be a great addition to the message of a great neighborhood. In general, such an approach increases the chances to sell the home.  

#4. Second Life To As-is Property

Before and after virtual staging imagery: As-is property selling

If surfing wellness social media accounts, one can notice before and after weight loss photos. They incredibly affect people’s faith in their own capacities of getting into great shape. The same principle works in real estate, especially when it’s about selling as-is property.

Realtors often deal with as-is property that needs some repairing work. Often, it comes with a lot of stuff inside to remove and owners don’t want to take the trouble of it but to cash in as soon as possible. However, to sell it, it should look attractive and convincing that it’s worth being bought. Luckily, this is quite feasible with virtual staging before and after

The technology allows decluttering or removing virtually objects inside the house to show its potential and other characteristics. It might be redesigned again according to the target audience’s preferences. Anyway, with this kind of virtual real estate staging, chances are way bigger to sell the property that otherwise looks outdated and worn out. And social media is the best possible platform to place before and after visual.

#5. Successful Combo Of Targeting And Relevant Visual

Before and after virtual staging: Targeting and content

Social media allows reaching out to the right people with the content that caters to their interests. For example, according to NewHomeSource, Millenials when purchasing a home pursue some commonalities in the future design. These are authenticity, a solid indoor and outdoor synergy, smart technology use, and energy efficiency.

With such a target market, how can realtors sell empty homes more effectively? The answer is by showing the before and after image with the design that takes into account such trends. Thus, virtual staging before and after can be tailored to the particular audience’s preferences. The rest is the matter of paid ads that the social media advertising system delivers to the right audience considering demographics, location, interests, etc. How convenient it is!

Virtual staging before and after works wonders on social media. It appeals to the customers’ interests, allows the following business trends, and makes targeting more pointed and successful. Moreover, it saves the day with that kind of property where an ordinary ad wouldn’t help. It’s definitely a go-to technology for those realtors who want to add some mojo to their already existing brand positioning.

Willing to make your SM marketing more effective and close more deals through this channel? Virtual staging services are exactly what you need to achieve that first and foremost. 

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