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Real estate agents often find themselves in a situation where their listings don’t attract prospects efficiently. This means some properties need to be promoted for a much longer time, causing advertising expenses to pile up. But what is the reason for that? Well, it’s likely a lack of attractive visuals.

In this case, partnering with a virtual design studio can be really beneficial. Because CGI specialists can easily create stunning real estate images regardless of its original state. However, realtors want to be sure they pay for an actual solution to their problem. So, let’s learn about the 5 most problematic situations in which virtual design actually saves the day.

#1. A Property Is Empty

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Selling a completely empty property is not an easy task for a realtor. First of all, unfurnished rooms don’t look very welcoming in photos. Then, it can be difficult for prospects to see all the benefits of a place. For instance, things like big square footage, good planning, or a great amount of natural light are better perceived when a property is furnished.

In this situation, virtual design allows to create beautiful, photorealistic interiors. This way, prospects will be able to better understand the dimensions and layout of a place. And they will also find it easier to picture themselves living there. Furthermore, the styles can be chosen to correlate with the price of real estate. This helps to appeal to target audiences more efficiently, making it possible to find buyers more quickly.

#2. A Place Is Badly Furnished

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Another problematic kind of property is the one that is furnished, but badly. An interior can have a shabby, outdated, or just plain tasteless design. Maybe even all of that together. The thing is, an unattractive interior creates a certain image for a place that prospects don’t want to associate themselves with. Plus, with that picture in their minds, they might have a hard time thinking of a different setting.

Here, virtual design professionals can literally work miracles. They can turn the ugliest interior into eye candy by removing existing objects from photos and adding 3D models instead. Doing that, they always maintain realistic proportions of objects so that a room doesn’t end up looking bigger or smaller than it actually is.

#3. Real Estate Needs Renovation

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Real estate in terrible condition often scares prospects off as well. Because it seems like the renovation will be insanely expensive and will take ages to complete. Well, sometimes that might be true, but realtors know that every property has its buyer. It just can be tricky to find them in some cases.

To become interested, prospects need to see the potential of a place. And they also must love the idea of creating a unique home for themselves almost from scratch. In this context, virtual design is known as virtual renovation because it involves transformation of a greater scale. For instance, it can include covering cracks and dents, removing stains, making new floors, repainting walls, changing doors and windows, etc.

#4. Real Staging Is Out Of The Question

cutting costs with virtual design

Real staging is a popular way to improve the looks of properties for the listings. However, it is a costly practice. Because in this case, a realtor has to pay for the rent of staging objects and for any damage that happens to them during their use. And they never know exactly how long that will take. Furthermore, there isn’t a lot of variety in terms of design. Oh, and there are photography services too.

But every single realtor wats their listings to look good, even if they don’t have enough budget for staging. This is where virtual design truly saves the day. Since it is a purely digital process, the cost of images is significantly lower than in the case of real staging. Moreover, the quality of those can actually be higher than that of photos. And the fact that every property can get a unique design means that the listings will definitely stand out among competitors.

#5. Showing Property Remotely

When prospects want to see a great number of properties at once, they usually start at their realtor’s office. Therefore, the latter needs some interactive content to show them during a presentation. Then, there are also people who are planning to move to a different city, state, or even country. Before they make a shortlist of options to see in person, they have to rely on online communication with their realtor.

In such cases, virtual design offers unique opportunities for realtors. It can be done in various interactive formats, such as 360 views, 360 tours, VR and AR visuals. Immersive virtual reality tours can be used at a realtor’s office to help prospects save time. Using VR headsets, they can visit multiple places without having to leave the room. Other formats, like 360 views, 360 tours, and AR visuals are also great for viewing at home. This way, prospects can get almost as much information about real estate as they can during an actual visit. Plus, it’s entertaining and stress-relieving.

So, those were the 5 situations in which virtual design can save a real estate presentation. It is quite clear that using CGI is the most time-, and cost-efficient way to give a property a stunning makeover. Moreover, the whole process can be outsourced, so realtors can look beyond their local companies to find the best options. Overall, virtual staging allows to interact with prospects in a new way, providing better customer experience and, ultimately, boosting sales.

Are you interested in virtual design services to improve your real estate presentations? Contact us and get the most photorealistic images within just 48 hours!

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