A Realtor Giving a Key from a House to a Buyer

Anyone who is starting a business in the property market wants it to break even as fast as possible. New real estate agencies have no time to experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t. Luckily, there are efficient working strategies that are tried and tested. An aspiring real estate agent should implement them to succeed in the property market. Read more

Virtual Staging Services for a Residential Property

Virtual furniture layout for real estate becomes more and more popular amongst realtors thanks to its limitless opportunities to enhance interior design without spending tens of thousands of dollars on a renovation. Read more

Virtual home staging: 7 hallmarks over physical one

In the real estate business, realtors know that the exposure, price, and presentation of a home boost its salability in the market. It takes time to make it presentation-wise though. Furthermore, agencies that still use physical staging know how cumbersome it is and how it can sabotage the listing process. In the meantime, some have discovered pro virtual staging. The technology has removed the physical hassle from the equation and streamlined the whole process of marketing properties online. As a result, they are sold out faster and with less friction from both sides. It is crucial in today’s race for client satisfaction. 

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Real Estate Marketing

Being a real estate marketer can be very rewarding — after all, there are several benefits that come with this career. That being said, it is a rather volatile field, with its fair share of ups and downs. Read more

A Real Estate Panorama as The Best Way to Make Virtual Tours

For many realtors, virtual staging has become a go-to option for getting buyer-grabbing real estate visuals. With CGI, they no longer need to rent furniture, then transport and install it — they just send photos and a brief to a virtual staging studio. In turn, CG artists create either static digital staging solutions or the best virtual tour for real estate. Read more

How to Make a Tempting Real Estate Offer

Successful marketing of real estate requires a well-thought-out strategy. No matter how good the property on offer is, many customers are likely to dither at some point. This hesitancy is typical because buying real estate is a big decision that demands substantial capital outlay. Read more

A Virtually Staged Modern Living Room

Virtual staging services always come in handy when realtors strive to sell empty or shabby properties. No matter how professional a photographer is, such dwellings look dismal and uninviting in photos.

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A Digitally Staged and Edited Living Room

Realtors often have to deal with empty dull houses with the same layout while trying to take the best pictures for the listings. Apparently, photos of vacant homes don’t sell well because the prospects only look through listings but show no interest in them. Instead, they call competitors who provide attractive virtual staging for properties. Read more

7 Trends in Real Estate

The real estate market has been flourishing for decades now. That is why so many world economists use it as a definite indicator of all the economic news and changes. Since 2020 is more than a challenging year for all the fields, it is safe to assume that difficulties haven’t gone unnoticed for real estate marketing too.  Read more

best virtual staging for real estate sales

Today, many CGI studios offer virtual staging services. However, it can be quite difficult for an untrained eye to distinguish high-quality digital staging from sloppy amateurish work. Which means many realtors end up with mediocre, if not completely unsatisfactory results, for the price of professional CGI services.

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