Virtual landscaping is one of the most effective ways for Real Estate Agents struggling to sell as-is property with shabby exterior and neglected area. Why? People do not buy homes simply because they look beautiful inside.

The buyers need the outside to comply with the inside and highlight their status. While deciding on a purchase, they imagine parties, birthdays, baby showers and other happy events happening there with their friends attending them. In short, they need the house’s surroundings to match and maintain their lifestyle.

However, to showcase possible landscape variations with physical staging seems almost impossible. For example, to enhance the selling proposition of a beautiful residence featuring a pool, patio, and yard, one needs to provide several designs of the outside area. Needless to say how complicated and expensive it is to do so with traditional photos. A Real Estate Agent would need to organize different landscape plans, hire professionals, buy all needed materials, transport them and so on.   

With virtual landscaping solutions, where yard arrangements narrow down to mouse clicks, it becomes absolutely feasible. Here are the other 7 advantages proving why this type of property presentation is a win-win for anybody involved in home sales. 

#1. Full-Fledged Usability Demonstration

To be honest, nowadays virtual landscaping can show the full usability and potential of the territory around the house, which might be a key factor for the purchase.   With this VR technology, potential buyers can have a virtual tour around the property and see how this or that landscape design interacts with the house. They can fully dive into its surroundings, “have a walk” around and clearly assess if this object is a decent option for them. 

For Real Estate Agents, it’s a powerful emotional marketing tool since this type of presentation is capable of tapping strategically into the clients’ dreams about home. Besides, it does work for busy people who cannot be physically present at a showing.

#2. Design By Go-To Professionals

When trying to highlight the selling points of a property, an artistic mind is a must. It helps CG specialists tailor a landscape plan to the wants and needs of each client. For example, if it’s about a luxury home, they provide various pools and spa zones designs; for the house full of kids – yards with playgrounds, and for the elderly couple’s home – garden designs, and so on. Such a personalized approach gives more competitive assets to Real Estate Agents than traditional photos of empty or shabby areas around the dwelling do.


Generally, Most CG Artists came into a business of virtual staging landscaping with a solid background in design, architecture, and photography. Whatever the architectural style of a home is – modern, Victorian, or ranch – a 3D artist can mix and match the landscape designs respectively. Unlike physical staging contractors, CG artists are not limited to landscape catalogs. They can choose already existing 3D models from the base or create new ones from scratch.

#3. Environment With Luxury Brands 

As for luxury homes, the same level elements are an integral part of their landscape layout plans. For example, a Real Estate Agent needs to demonstrate the outstanding space in the backyard where a pool could be located. To communicate its value to potential buyers, one can provide multiple pool designs of royal caliber. These could be a resort-like pool with loggerhead turtle mosaic tile inlays or a sprawling desert oasis pool.


The thing is, with physical staging it is almost unachievable. A Real Estate Agency would need to install or imitate the high-class look, which costs thousands of dollars. However, the challenge might be boldly addressed by virtual real estate landscaping artists. They can provide multiple pool designs of any style, shape, texture, etc. Typically, 3D artists have access to 3D models of different landscape elements influenced by the latest trends in the industry, including exclusive brand products.

#4. Flexibility of Timeframes 

Imagine having the need to highlight the home’s landscape with outdoor lighting. How much time does it require to install different lighting systems physically? And what about configuring the types of lighting and their intensity and then capturing it all again? Using physical staging for these purposes is cumbersome and time-consuming simply because a Realtor has to hire an electrician and the equipment. Besides, there are always risks that slow the process down, such as unsuccessful transportation or voltage drops. And this is only one example. 

If looking globally, changing every single landscape scene takes a lot of time and resources with a high risk of missing deadlines. For virtual staging specialists, however, switching the types of lighting to improve an exterior design or emphasizing specific elements of a landscape is a matter of a few hours of work, had they got the necessary high-quality photos as references. The same is with any other modifications required by the Agency. 

#5. A Budget-Friendly Option

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To present property by turning to a physical staging company requires serious financial investments. The reason is that a specific architectural style of the house implies a suitable landscape layout plan that would organically complete the whole environment of the property. To buy all the needed materials as well as hire landscape designers and employees is expensive and complicated.


With virtually staged landscaping, things are absolutely different. Since 3D artists only use digital technologies, there’s no need to invest in transportation, staff, landscape, and outdoor furniture elements, etc. Herewith, to get 30 photos with a virtual landscape design, a Real Estate Agent would need around $60.

#6. Easy to Control Process

Usually, Real Estate Agencies are not involved in photoshootings. Thus, they are obliged to trust the specialists they hired and wait for final photos. However, these images do not always meet the requirements of the clients. In this case, both sides have to start the whole process from the very beginning.


To address this issue, CGI studios incorporated effective CRM-systems that allow the agencies and the Artists to stay in touch around-the-clock. The client can monitor and control the process of creating landscape plans and ask for modifications anytime. So, not only is it totally possible to build up a scene in landscape design, but also adds or removes its elements. With 3D software, the lighting, textures, colors, etc. are absolutely modifiable. For a Real Estate Agency, it’s such a relief because otherwise the hired staging company should have changed landscape installations constantly increasing the agency’s expenses.

#7. Multipurpose Use 

CGI specialists create high-quality photos that look as photorealistic as the real ones. Thus, online and offline channels selling homes can benefit from this type of property presentation. For example, one-time use of virtual landscaping services might bring about the unique materials for the website, listing platforms, email campaigns, social media as well as for printed ads. Furthermore, from one virtual staged image, a CG artist can generate multipurpose visual content of any resolution and quality, be it a billboard or banner for the website. 


In the nutshell, virtual landscaping makes Real Estate Agents stand out on the market of elite residences. It saves time and money, guarantees their 100% satisfaction thanks to full involvement in the process, and provides top-notch content for multiple sales channels. Besides, at present, this is the most powerful and effective way to showcase the property on sales and get a competitive edge right away. 


If a new approach to a property presentation is what you’re after, then virtual landscaping is the right thing to go for. Turn to our virtual staging services and scale up your business drastically!