A Collage of Before and After Virtual Staging for a House Without Furniture

A Collage of Images Before and After Virtual Staging for a House Without Furniture

When prospects are looking for new homes on the internet, they usually click listings with fully-furnished houses first. Numbers prove it — according to statistics, staging helps to sell properties 73% faster! The truth is, photos of empty houses look unattractive, especially when they are next to competitors’ offers with stylish homey interiors. So staging a house without furniture is necessary for realtors if they want to get more attention from potential buyers. And there are basically two options — virtual staging or a physical one.

However, staging houses with real furniture and decor comes at a high price. You need to hire a staging agency, pay for furniture rental and transportation plus the photographer’s fee. And if something goes wrong with physical staging, you can’t really fix it in ready images. In such cases, you will have to go through the whole process all over again. What a pain in the neck! 

With CGI, you don’t have to hire additional staff or rent physical furnishing. CG artists can create any virtual interior design using CG software and furniture 3D models. And what’s more, the resulting images look exactly like actual photos of the house and take only 48 hours to make. So what’s the point of spending more on physical staging if you have CGI at hand? 

Collaboration with a virtual staging company is productive and time-efficient when realtors know the process in detail. In this article, we use our 3D studio as an example of how CG professionals do virtual staging of a house without furniture step-by-step. Let’s go!

#1. Start With Taking High-Resolution Pictures of the House

A House Without Furniture and Decor that Needs Virtual Staging

Staging a house without furniture begins with taking high-quality photos of empty property. These images will be used by our CG artists as a foundation for virtual furniture placement. So to make it right, first, you have to make sure that every room is perfectly illuminated. From our experience, the best lighting scheme for house photos is daylight. 

Next, plan what rooms you want to stage and take several shots of each of them from different angles. Together we can choose the most flattering ones and base our CG house staging on them.

Image resolution is another important aspect for virtual house staging — we accept high-resolution pictures only. Therefore, notify your photographer so they get the right camera settings in advance.

#2. Send CG Artists a Detailed Brief with References

A Luxury Reference for Virtual Staging of a House Without Furnishings

The next step is to attach these photos to a brief and clearly describe your tasks. First and foremost, you need to indicate what kind of property it is and which rooms you need to stage. Secondly, it’s crucial to define your target audience, their approximate age, and income level. Since we are staging a house without furniture, our CG artists need guidance on what types of furnishings and decor will suit your potential buyers’ tastes. 

Also, we need you to suggest interior styles for a particular staging project and add some photo references and mood boards. Again, this will help CG stagers to narrow down the style options so you won’t have to make additional adjustments in the future.

#3. Select Furniture and Decor from Our Studio’s 3D Library

ArchiCGI Library of 3D Models Used for Virtual Staging of a House Without Furnishings

According to NAR research, buyers say that the most important rooms they want to see staged are the living room (46%), master bedroom (43%), and kitchen (35%). Therefore, it’s best to focus more on staging these spaces and allocate additional time to selecting matching furniture and decor for them.

Far-sighted CG studios have libraries of furniture 3D models for every room. For example, ArchiCGI has more than 50,000 individual 3D objects and around 6,500 ready-made furniture sets in various styles. Staging a house without furniture using 3D sets simplifies and accelerates the process even more. With our 3D library, you can choose any furniture, home appliances, and accessories you want us to use in the project. If you don’t have time to select pieces on your own, our CG artists can pick all the items according to the brief. 

#4. Make Adjustments Using ArchiCGI Studio’s CRM-System

A Snapshot of Working in Our CRM-System on Digital Staging Project for a House Without Furniture

As soon as we receive the brief with all the data and references, our CG artists start doing virtual staging for a house. In just two working days, both staging and post-production are done and all that’s left is to get feedback from a client. Since corrections are an integral part of any project, we’ve developed the most convenient way to communicate and make changes to the project via our CRM platform.

So once CG specialists upload the resulting images to the CRM app, you get an instant notification. To see the results, you can open the app on your phone or computer, and make adjustments to the project in a couple of clicks. Once you approve the images, there is only one last step left.

#5. Choose the Right Format for Staged Images

Images Before and After Virtual Staging for a House Without Furniture and Decor

At the end of the project, CG artists can save images in any format and resolution you need. Moreover, you can set it all up on your own by filling the boxes in the CRM system. We offer some basic options like Facebook and Instagram posts, covers, and ads.  

This way our CG artists understand what sizes you need in advance so they can adjust and crop the pictures accordingly. As a result, you can use them right away and won’t need to tweak them post facto. You simply upload the ready images on any social media platform you need. As easy as pie!

CGI dramatically simplifies your job as a real estate agent. Staging a house without furniture using CG services, you can avoid the usual staging hassle. Forget furniture rental, transport and staging companies, photographers, and their assistants! Because CG artists are both stagers and photographers, they can do the whole project from scratch. All you have to do is send us HR photos of the property and a brief,  then select furniture you like from our 3D library. After the first results, you can make corrections to the project via the CRM system and get perfect images of virtually staged houses in the exact format you need.

Can’t wait to transform empty properties on the market? Order virtual staging services from us, and get jaw-dropping house pics that will boost your sales!


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