Virtual Staging for a Public Propery

Digital home staging is an art of giving real estate a better appearance and increasing its value for renting or selling. Physical staging in real estate started in the early 70’s with Barb Schwarz. She was the first to understand that pictures of empty houses attract customers much less than homy, ready-to-live interiors.

Theater background gave Barb an idea to present homes as scenes of perfect life, and proper staging was crucial for this. Though it was a brilliant marketing move back then, nowadays, it is gradually replaced by innovative technologies of virtual real estate staging.

For classic physical staging, a Real Estate Agent needs to address designers, photographers, furniture producers, logistics companies, etc. It is time-consuming and costly beyond belief. Digital home staging is a viable alternative to traditional furniture arrangement, as it both saves money and time, allowing agents to take over more projects, expand clientele, and close more deals.

All you need to do is to provide a CG agency with high-resolution photos of a house or a flat and give some hints on the preferred design. What is digital staging, if not the most beneficial solution for luxury homes and business property? Here, we’ve collected seven bulletproof facts about virtual staging for real estate every realtor needs to know about.

#1. The Most Cost-Efficient Solution

The math is simple. Working with physical staging, an agent needs to pay for a photographer, a designer, additional equipment for proper light, post-production, the furniture itself, transport, and movers. Even if all of the subcontractors are ready to give discounts as a part of a long-term deal, one still has to pay to 5-6 companies.

Choosing a CG agency for virtual staging, an Agent only needs high-quality photos of empty rooms and floor plans. Style and design references one can find in Google or Pinterest are, obviously, free of charge.

#2. Much Faster Than Its Physical Alternative

  • Before-Virtual Renovation
    After-Virtual Renovation
    Before Virtual Renovation After

In 2018, there were more than 1.3 million of Real Estate Brokers and firms in the U.S. market. It is a safe bet to say that since then, this number increased. About six million homes are sold annually, and speeding up the process helps to bite better pieces of this real-estate pie.

Physical staging can take up to two weeks or even more. Addressing an expert virtual staging service for rendering solutions, a Real Estate Agent won’t wait more than two working days to receive a whole set of excellent pictures for online or offline listings. The creation of one render rarely takes more than several hours.

#3. Requires Close to Zero Organizational Efforts

Virtually Staged Room for a Property

We all want to get more money for less work. And digital home staging helps this dream of every specialist to come true. A digital staging company does almost everything for you and allows effortless adjustments and changes.

Virtual staging furniture available in 3D databases is sorted according to the different categories, which makes it easy to find the required set of chairs or master bedroom in a matter of minutes. There are also no tiring phone calls and e-mail frenzy with endless subcontractors, only one digital home staging company to deal with.

#4. Helps Clients Visualize Property and Buy Faster

According to the statistics provided by the National Association of Realtors, home-staging helps more than 83% of customers to visualize their future home much better. More than 50% of buyers found their new home on the Internet (NAR, 2018). This means virtual staging solutions will attract more clients annually.

People don’t buy things, services, or even homes as necessary physical objects. They purchase solutions for their problems and embodiments of their dreams. Professional digital home staging helps them to visualize dream life and make the decision in favor of a particular offer.

#5. Allows Immediate Changes in Style

  • Before-111
    Before 111 After

In case an Agent has a different idea on design after the pictures are ready, partial digital furniture replacement won’t take more than several hours. It is also a perfect solution for Agents willing to show the same property in digital format in different styles, targeting different audiences. For promoting luxury real estate, you can add designer furniture, using the latest trends. If the property falls into economy class, emphasize budget-friendly, practical solutions, multifunctional zoning of the space, etc.

Even the choice of colors can affect the customer, not speaking of the design as a whole. Britannica confirms that perception of color is strongly subjective, is based on personal experience, and depends on many factors. It means blue wallpaper is not increasing melancholy, and some of the clients would be happy to see it. Changing colors and overall style is fast and cost-effective with digital home staging comparing with physical renovation.

#6. Ready for the Most Luxurious Designs

Virtual Staging for a High-Class Property

Luxury real estate is seen as a very profitable field, but it also requires significant investments from the Broker’s side, as wealthy clients have higher standards. Renting furniture for luxury staging is both expensive, and at some point, risky — should anything go wrong, insurance will come after you.

Using virtual staging furniture from a database of a 3D modeling studio, one can choose the most luxurious solutions without extra costs and stress. Digital home staging also allows using exotic, hard-to-find luxury objects like conceptual bath-tubes, futuristic lighting solutions, one-of-a-kind ceramics, or massage parlor. It is also possible to personalize the offer — add a personal gym for avid sportsmen, or a soundproof recording room for musicians.

#7. Can Be Used for 360 View and VR Tours

The overall shipment of VR devices was estimated at six million units in 2019. VR tours based on 3D renders are the future of the real estate industry, and the faster Brokers start using it, the more alpha-consumers they attract. A Realtor provides panoramic shots of empty rooms, and studio, makes them fully furnished according to the type of property and chosen style.

Customers dive into full-fledged 3D virtual tours and assess offered real estate online. No loss of time, no wandering around empty rooms and plastered walls, no “what would fit here” questions — 3D tours allow clients to have the most engaging experience, enough for decision making.

Immersive experience refers to a client’s feelings, and as put by Harvard Business Review, “If you want to influence how a customer feels about your product, provide an experience that creates the desired emotion. In this sense, virtual tours based on a fine-tuned digital is a convincing method of selling even the most pricy property”.

To have the upper hand in this market, Real Estate Agents have to change their approach to presenting a property for a more modern and cost-efficient one. Digital home staging allows us to receive original and luxury CG visuals in no time at an affordable price and win the client’s attention.

Looking for an expert contractor capable of offering the best digital staging services? Address our studio for impeccable photorealistic solutions perfectly suitable even for the most limited marketing budget.

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