A Virtually Remodeled Living Zone

Looking at the ever developing real estate market today, realtors and marketers just have to look for new creative solutions for selling outdated homes to stay relevant. The thing is, photographs of obsolete houses in the listings don’t attract prospects so the cost of advertising doesn’t justify itself. Therefore, there’s no doubt in any experienced realtor’s mind that it’s time to fix the property’s look using home remodeling.

However, doing real home renovation can be too much. After all, even for simple house improvement, you need to buy materials and hire a designer and construction team. Most often, the property seller doesn’t want to invest in renovation and is in a hurry to sell the house. But how can realtor avoid physical renovation and get excellent images for advertising at the same time? Well, here is an answer… We made a list of 5 main reasons why you should try virtual home staging and how it will change your whole business.

#1. Virtual Home Remodeling Makes Any Listing a Competitive Offer

  • Before-Virtual Renovation
    After-Virtual Renovation
    Before Virtual Renovation After

Listings with tacky interiors and exteriors are of no interest to potential buyers — prospects simply scroll them through and switch to more impressive competitive options. Prospects expect their future home to be a source of joy and bright hopes. Therefore, listing with beautiful and modern interiors feels right and homey to them. 

When a realtor strives to sell the house with interiors that were in fashion a decade ago, then it surely needs some modernization. Sometimes it’s enough to fix just a couple of details to make the house look better. For example, polish the scuffs on the floor, replace the wallpaper and choose modern decor. Using virtual home remodeling soft, CG artists can replace and retouch those elements in the photo with no sweat.

#2. Digital House Remodeling Is a Time-Saving and Budget-Friendly Option

Allocating the Budget for Virtual Renovation

As mentioned above, physical renovation is a very expensive process. When it comes to home improvement, it’s hard to imagine the final cost of even the slightest renovation since it also includes materials and the work of contractors. In addition, furniture rental also costs a lot of money and depends on the number of rented objects as well as their brands.

On the other hand, to make virtual home remodeling, a realtor doesn’t have to organize the renovation and rent furniture. They simply have to take high-quality pictures of the property in its current state and send them to a CG studio.

As for the price of pro virtual staging, a CG company only charges for the number of images. Therefore, what materials CG artists choose and how many objects they use simply doesn’t matter. Especially, when it comes to 3D furniture models — a CG company has a large library of ready 3D items so artists can pick models that match any taste and style.

In terms of turnaround time, digital remodeling is much faster than real renovation. On average, work on one project takes only 48 hours, However, it depends on the complexity of the task and the number of images, so it’s better to specify an accurate turnaround time while making an order.

#3. Virtual Home Renovation Works for Both Interiors and Exteriors

  • Before-111
    Before 111 After

Special 3D software for digital staging allows CG artists to select any finishing materials, change the color of walls, replace the flooring, as well as remove and add furniture or decor. Since many CG experts are trained interior designers, they understand what color scheme is better to use to emphasize the advantageous aspects of the property and other professional details.

Virtual home remodeling is also a perfect choice for improving house exteriors. Using 3D soft, CG artists can remove distracting unappealing items like garbage bins, fix the fence, add more greenery to the lawn and garden, repaint the walls, put street decor and furniture, and so on.

As a result, interiors and exteriors of the property work well with each other and meet the requirements of the market at the same time. After seeing pictures of a modern home, prospects will immediately get interested in the listing and want to see the house live. In addition, having virtual home remodeling pics will become a great guide for them on how to arrange the interiors and exteriors of their new home.

#4. With Digital Remodeling Services, Any Style Is Possible 

A Virtually Remodeled Living Room

Working with a virtual staging studio, realtors can be sure that CG experts have all the necessary software, equipment and digital libraries for virtual home remodeling. Therefore, the project is limited only by the imagination of CG artists since they can use any materials, furniture and decor they need.

However, one must not overdo with the style — they have to choose correct home remodeling that won’t scare away the target audience. For example, professional 3D artists don’t put luxurious furniture and expensive decor in a house that is meant to be for middle-class customers and vice versa. This is the basic information that a realtor has to mention in the brief they send to a CG studio before starting the project. Experienced CG experts always have an idea of how to make a beautiful and cozy home that will match the taste of the client perfectly.

#5. Virtual Home Remodeling Is Perfect for Advertising Campaigns 

A Virtually Remodeled Dining Room

Well-executed virtual home remodeling from a CG studio looks simply stunning — final images are photorealistic, stylish and vibrant. A realtor can use such pictures on social networks as posts or stories to harvest likes and shares from the existing audience and attract new followers. In addition, home remodeling imagery is ideal for online ads. Real estate marketers can use it for Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising and be sure that prospects won’t pass over their dream home but click on the ad.

Moreover, professional images are of high quality and resolution, therefore, they work for both online and offline ads. Using the same picture, a realtor can make a smaller version of it for online or leave the original quality for offline advertising. The most incredible thing is that the same picture can be used for Instagram and printed on a city lightbox without quality loss.

Virtual home remodeling is the optimal solution to all problems with the property look. It’s a quick and cost-saving method that allows renovating both interiors and exteriors. Using it, realtors can choose any interior style based on the level of income and the needs of their target audience. On top of all that, final images of virtual house remodeling are multipurpose and work well for listings, social networks, a website, as well as for online and offline ads.

Need to sell an unattractive property at a good price? Try our virtual staging services and you will get jaw-dropping images that will boost your sales!

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