Virtually staged rooms are perfect for transforming dull photos of empty real estate into inviting pictures of cozy homes. After all, any person is more inclined to buy a place in which they can easily imagine a comfy life and call it “home sweet home”.

That’s why Real Estate Agents came up with the idea of physical staging in the 80s, and now are steadily moving to virtually staged properties. In the past, the only way to stage an empty house was to hire a designer, buy or rent furniture, sometimes even make a full-scale renovation. After all these spendings and troubles, an Agent had to hire a photographer and only then they’d get the pictures for listings. 

Now, virtual staging companies provide even better visuals without all the mentioned organizing problems. Moreover, the limitless options of virtually staged rooms give more opportunities for different marketing approaches that increase sales like nothing else. Let’s find out how exactly digital staging helps to persuade clients to purchase a property.

#1. They Demonstrate the Full Potential of Real Estate

  • Before-Virtual Staging For A Cozy Bedroom
    After-Virtual Staging For A Cozy Bedroom
    Empty Space Virtual Staging For A Cozy Bedroom Furnished Bedroom

The photos of empty rooms give prospects an idea of the capacity and state of real estate but that’s about it. If Realtors want to not only catch the attention of possible buyers but make their offer truly appealing, they need to step up their game. Physical staging is one way to do it, except it’s expensive and takes a lot of time. More importantly, why do this in the age of digital technologies? Virtually staged rooms can achieve the same results as physical staging and even beyond its limits. Particularly, Real Estate Agents can show the prospects how a property will look like after they move in – how comfortable it can get, how many pieces of furniture will fit in, how many usages for each room one can come up with, etc.      

#2. They Give Prospects Ideas for a Future House Makeover

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    Before 111 After

Virtually staged rooms not only look cozy and lively, but they also can give prospects a vision of how a property can be renovated. Using 3D technologies, it is easy to try different interior and exterior designs as well as pick the most winning option for every offer. For example, high-class mansions are perfectly matched with luxurious styles, while office properties look better in a minimalistic design. Needless to say, experimenting with different interiors using physical staging is quite costly, especially when it comes to the luxury real estate segment.    

#3. They Showcase a Home Layout Like Nothing Else

One of the main purposes to use staging is demonstrating the layout of a property. Originally, Realtors always did it with the help of physical staging. Now, however, there is a digital alternative, which is more cost-saving and fast. Moreover, virtually staged rooms allow for easy changes, so it is possible to show prospects many different options of layouts. On top of that, Agents can choose any furniture and decor they want to try for a house, including the most unique and pricey pieces.    

#4. They Allow for Any Interior Design a Prospect Dreams Of

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    Before 111 After

Digital staging is perfect for a more personal approach to real estate marketing visuals. To be more specific, Realtors can learn the preferences of their target audience and adjust virtually staged rooms design accordingly. For instance, if prospects are a middle-class family with kids, then the cozy yet practical interior style will be the best. It is even better to add a kids’ room, a playground or any other elements that will speak to these prospects on a more personal level. That way, the offer comes off as something created specifically for them, which is always a winning strategy. 

#5. They Create the Image of Comfortable Life 

Last but not least, virtually staged rooms are the easiest way to liven up dull and boring real estate images in property listings. Such services as virtual styling, renovation, and furnishing can help to create an inviting mood for otherwise dull photos. Even the simplest 3D models such as a fireplace, carpets, paintings, an armchair with a plaid installed in pictures can turn an impersonal property into a cozy home. Besides, in this way, prospects will have no trouble to imagine their life in such a comfortable place, which makes them more emotionally invested in the offer.

All in all, it is not even a question that staged properties sell better and their pictures work much more effectively too. The other matter is that it is not quite a budget-friendly option per se. Virtually staged rooms, on the other hand, are cost-saving, faster to make and require no efforts on Realtors’ side. What’s more, virtual staging allows trying any design styles, furniture and decor elements with no limits.

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