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All professionals are interested to increase sales one way or another, build trust with customers and make their business more successful. That being said, one of the main questions for real estate agents and marketers is how to improve listing presentation because it directly influences the buyer decision process.

Knowing that the number of homes and apartments is growing every day, how can you secure a top position in the market and make sure your services will not be lost in all this variety of options? Let’s talk about main must-have features that will increase the conversion on a listing presentation and make it more effective. 

 #1. Use SEO Resources 

Search Engine Optimization of a Site

If you want your listing presentation to be competitive and stand out you will need to learn how to use search engine optimization efficiently. It will be worth doing research on keywords/phrases and then choose those that are suitable for your products. In this way, it will be easier for your target audience to find your website in online search results. 

For those who are struggling with the implementation of SEO by themselves, there are plenty of resources that will help you figure out how to improve listing presentation. Here are some blogs and tools that will be useful in this matter: Moz, Google Keyword Planner, Search Engine Journal, Buzzsumo, etc. 

#2. Listing Presentation Software

Editing Software for Real Estate

It is very important for estate agents to catch the client’s attention straight away and make them focus on your offers. So what can be done in this case? First of all, you need to remember that even details like fonts or charts can be crucial for your success. 

One of the most popular services among users is Canva. It helps people create beautiful designs and offers a wide range of templates. Another effective software option would be Prezi. If you are wondering how to improve your listing presentation then you should definitely check this one out. It allows you to display your listings, company history and products in a unique and modern style. 

#3. Choose Your Best Photos 

Virtually Staged Real Estate Photos

In order to impress your customers, you will need to put enough effort into making perfect photos that will blow their minds. Make sure to choose the best angles and viewpoints to improve the quality or even hire a photographer that will make professional shots if you are using a physical stage.

On the other hand, there is always a variant of virtual staging for real estate. These services are widely used and popular nowadays. They help real estate agents to provide high-quality images in a short period of time. Virtually staged presentation is especially useful if you are selling an unfurnished place as it will help you unleash the potential of the property. 

#4. Plan Marketing Strategy 

Contacts in Real Estate Business

How to improve your listing presentation without making a strong marketing plan? There is no way to do that. If you want to succeed it is better to think a few steps ahead to interest home buyers. Your strategy should present your strengths, promote a website, adverts and visual materials (video tours, photos and so on). 

You can also use virtually staged images from a house presentation and additional graphics to advertise your services and site in social media/other platforms.  An example of a great piece of modern-day technology is 360° view tours. They give the customer the ability to maneuver their way around a listing from the comfort of their own home in high amounts of detail. This can also be linked to VR devices to vastly improve viewer experience so you can actually walk around the house without being present. All you need is to pick the best visual materials that will capture the attention of your target audience. 

#5. Show Customer Testimonials

Customer Services for Real Estate

The best way to gain the trust of your clients is to show them other people’s testimonials. Almost all visitors carefully study them before contacting any service. People tend to trust the opinion and experience of other buyers more than the product description on the site. 

Such reviews are equally necessary for both potential customers and real estate agents. They allow realtors to take into account the opinion of clients in order to improve their services and increase the level of trust in comparison with competitors. It can also be a good idea to post interviews with satisfied customers and show what services people can expect if they work with you.

#6. Update Information In Time

Real Estate Marketing: A Strategy

If you want your clients to be confident in you, make sure to check all the latest changes and update your real estate listing presentations if needed. All the information provided on your website should be up to date. It is important to maintain your reputation and avoid losing potential customers. 

Be sure to refresh not only text data but also photos of the listing if anything has been changed or rebuilt there. These actions will show people that you are a responsible professional who cares about his audience and business.  

#7. Check All The Details

How To Check Real Estate Listings

The final step for any project is to check all the components and their interaction. At this point, you should already have a scheme on how to improve listing presentation. Here you just need to go through everything again to make sure you haven’t missed anything. All the necessary data is provided, pictures of the property are uploaded in high quality, all elements of the page design looks good together, etc.

Do not skip this step as it can save you from making mistakes and losing clients. Just devote some time to it and you will definitely be satisfied with the result. Planning and preparation are the two main parts of any successful business. 

Real estate presentation is the most important stage for real estate companies as it attracts potential clients and motivates them to make a purchase. As you already noticed it requires careful preparation, organization, and a certain set of skills. These 7 tips should give you some ideas on how to improve listing presentation and what services can help you with that.

Don’t know where to start? Try virtual staging services. They will make your listing presentation stand out among all others and give you more opportunities in terms of advertising.

What is real estate market?

Real estate market is selling and purchasing of real estate. Real estate is property consisting of land, the buildings on it, and any natural resources within the property boundaries, such as minerals, water and crops. Real estate can be categorized into four types: residential, commercial, industrial, and land.

What real estate agents do?

They keep up with local and regional market activity, research listings, plan and coordinate appointments, open houses, showings, and meetings with clients and other real estate agents, develop marketing plans, respond to incoming emails and phone calls, update websites, social media profiles, and blogs.

What is real estate staging?

Real estate staging is the preparation of a property for sale in the real estate marketplace. It usually includes temporary furnituring the home and some basic interior makeover. The main purpose is to make real estate look more inviting and appealing than simple empty rooms.

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a digital transformation of the property photos. It may include digital furniture arrangement, as well as a virtual renovation of interiors and exteriors.

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