Luxury virtual staging is the game-breaker for real estate agents working with upmarket properties or selling internationally. In the majority of cases, property with staging sold at almost 10% higher than their unstaged competitors, the research shows.

Some staging companies claim that the difference in selling price can be even higher, up to 80% increase for a virtually staged home. This impressive business math comes down to the intricacies of being a human. For someone looking to invest a considerable sum, real estate turns out to be more than a house. It is rather a dream, a chance for their little own world, with elegant style, welcoming comfort, and pristine class. And yes, seeing is believing. Virtual staging helps to envision this dream like nothing else. 

Luxury home virtual staging is the solution any real estate marketer has been looking for. Today, as always, technology runs the show. It would be blasphemous to disregard the virtual staging solutions it so generously offers. When physical staging is cumbersome, time- and money-consuming, its virtual counterpart offers a sea of opportunities at a much lower cost! So how vast are the advantages of going virtual in real estate staging? Let’s discover! 

#1. Design Performed by Top Professionals 

When home virtual staging is outsourced, it is typically performed by top-notch CG professionals with profound design knowledge, who know exactly how to mix and match the interior style with a specific house. The house in consideration may come in any possible architectural style — an alpine chalet, a charming Provence home, classic baroque, modern or Bauhaus, hi-tech or postmodern artistic kitsch. A designer will mix and match the interior to fit this particular luxury housing. 

When considering virtual staging for real estate, make sure to provide a digital rendering firm photos of empty rooms. However, if that is not possible, a 3D artist will perform furniture replacement virtually, clearing everything out to create a new luxurious interior from scratch. 

#2. Access to Designer Furniture and Luxury Brands 

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Imagine needing to physically stage the house in the latest fashion, or with rare designer furniture brands or unique antiques. The logistics of such a project is close to impossible. To stage luxury home interior, a real estate agency would have to lease furniture, carpeting, decor and whatnot, altogether costing a fortune. Such physical staging would also involve volumes of legal due-diligence, insurance fees, and costly transportation. A team of interior designers, photographers, and highly skilled builders would have to be set up and managed. 

For a few marketing shots, this hardly is a feasible project. With virtual staging for real estate, however, none of this is a problem. 3D artists, rendering a luxury interior, have access to 3D objects of latest  furniture, decorative or structural item, carpeting or wall finish. Yes, luxury virtual staging is about having any possible interior piece at the tip of your finger! It’s about having the sky as the limit in creating visuals that will prompt a luxury housing audience to make a decision to buy. 

#3. A Showcase of Landscaping Possibilities 

No multi-million home comes without a decent amount of land around it. The land, just like the four walls of a room, is a canvas for a virtual staging artist. A good virtual real estate staging company should have a professional landscape designer on its team. This ensures a holistic approach to luxury virtual staging. A house is not just its interior nicely matched to the architectural style, it is now a living space, including the land around it. 

Landscaping design for a given property, when performed in synch with the interior design, helps to create a truly immersive, continuous experience for a luxury home buyer.  Add exotic plants to the garden, change the design of the pool or refine the lawn – these are just a few options that can make real estate truly shine on the market.

#4. Emotional Selling Breaks the Deal 

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Research shows that we remember impressions, images, and sensations much deeper and longer than we remember factual content and the events themselves. We are the keepers of complex neural systems and brains that still hold multiple mysteries even to the scientists. Without going into a psychological background behind emotional marketing, let us just say, once you tap into your client’s dream, you win him or her over!

Luxury virtual staging is exactly this — creating a dream. It is about revealing the full potential of a property, unbound by limitations. Here is the recent case. A real estate agency sells newly built chalets around posh ski resorts in the Alps to an international jet-set crowd. At first, they decide to go with real-life photos, adding some basic physical staging and live models for their photoshoot. The project costs a fortune. The ads manage to convert some actual potential clients, but not enough to get decent returns. By next season the photoshoots get old and the firm is faced with the need for a new staging, fresh and in tune with this year’s trends. They turn to a virtual staging and get multiple visualizations, with the latest designer furniture, touches of mountainous artifacts, smart light sets, and appliances, with families getting cozy or friendly crowds enjoying their after-ski home party. At a much lower cost, the dream is created and marketed. Hence, the sales skyrocket. 

#5. Virtual Tour and Interaction With Space 

Last but not least, virtual staging is the opportunity for clients to come in direct contact with houses they are considering. Virtual tours form a highly operational sales tool, enabling a fascinating, immersive experience of a house and its surroundings. “How will I feel inside this space?”, “How will the light play out during the day and in the evening?”, etc. are the type of questions luxury estate clients will get answered while touring the house with a virtual tour. 

Digital staging is a very flexible service. It makes it possible to do live-mode furniture replacements, to see virtual staging before and after, to make corrections on the go according to clients’ desires. Imagine how this tool has helped the Alpine chalets seller in the above-mentioned case. They were now able to use VR technology to take their clients on fully immersive virtual tours around this otherwise remote property.  

Shakespeare once called this world a stage and people its actors. Outperforming and setting up a perfect stage is the allegory that hits just the right cords for the high market real estate agents. Luxury virtual staging can be paralleled to a theatrical performance, the one of a dream life. It’s a tool to make real estate sales skyrocket, with fair investment and moderate effort. 

If you sell upmarket homes or work internationally, you should hesitate no more. Write to us and go impressive with your property ads. Our virtual staging services will help to show off your property in the most attractive manner, reaping those high-margin potential customers at the increasing rates.